Ways to Choose the Right Floodlights in 2022

Ways to Choose the Right Floodlights in 2022

Whether it’s for buildings, car parks, driveways, gardens, fountains, courtyards, tennis courts, trees or patio lighting, floodlights offer a multitude of uses. Choose the right floodlight for the purpose you want; in 2023, MELITE will teach you to look at the various floodlight specifications and guide you towards the right choice.

Equivalent wattages

Equivalent wattages|ME Lite

Generally speaking, traditional floodlights use a kind of halogen lamps, halogen lamps are characterised by a high light density of cd/M², commonly illuminated in signboards, ballparks, or the external walls of buildings; however, the disadvantage is that the heat generated is more than 300 °C, and extremely high power consumption and fast light decay. Generally under normal circumstances only 3000-5000 hours life, another advantage of LED is that there can be different colour temperature from 2700K – 7000K, and even red, blue light different light colours.

Now the LED lamps can completely replace the halogen lamps, and the temperature is greatly reduced in 40-60 ° C or so, only need to use the LED 120-150W with the halogen lamps of 250W almost.

LED chips used in LED floodlights must be resistant to high temperatures, the domestic Sanan, Taiwan’s EPISTAR, the U.S. is BRIDGELUX and CREE. as for the best is Japan’s NICHIA.Generally speaking, the use of five years is not a problem.

LED floodlighting application solutions:

  • Commercial Signboards
  • Warehouse
  • Production Workshop
  • court
  • Swimming pool
  • Aquarium lighting, etc.
Projection angle of LED floodlights|ME Lite

Projection angle of LED floodlights

Traditional floodlights use reflectors to control the angle, but only 60° or 120°. However, the angle of LED can be controlled by the reflector, and the smallest one can reach 2°. The narrower the angle, the longer the range, a 5°50W floodlight can have a range of 50 to 60 metres.

In addition, as long as it is paired with a dimmer (power supply), it can be adjusted to any light or darkness. This is more versatile than traditional halogen lamps, and can be used on stage, in school halls, and so on.

Selecting the colour temperature of an LED floodlight|ME Lite 晶智照明

Selecting the colour temperature of an LED floodlight

One of the most important specifications for floodlighting is colour temperature. If you want to accentuate an architectural style, warm white (2700-3000K) floodlights help to create a cosy and welcoming atmosphere. They are ideal for homes or hotels.

For safety purposes a very cold white or daylight floodlight can be a good choice. This is because cold white light is brighter and therefore more visible to our eyes, and even more so when it is suddenly activated by the PIR sensor (see below).

If you want to buy floodlights for your workplace, a cooler colour temperature is wise. Not only does it look more natural, but it also stimulates alertness and concentration.

Selecting the colour temperature of an LED floodlight|ME Lite 晶智照明

You can also choose the colour temperature to emphasise the tones in your garden. Cool whites are suitable for water features or silver metal surfaces, while warm whites are suitable for brickwork, plants and shrubs. Warm white light is suitable for autumn and winter.

 Sensors for LED floodlights|ME Lite

Sensors for LED floodlights

The sensor automatically lights up when it senses movement within a specific area, making it particularly useful in security lighting.

Solar Floodlight

Solar floodlights are more expensive than buying standard fixtures, but they can be used for free in the long run.

The versatility of floodlighting

For aesthetic or safety purposes, many floodlights are also designed to look good, making them not only more stylish, but also more attractive and better designed to blend into the environment.

Floodlights|ME Lite

MELITE offers the latest and widest selection of floodlighting in 2022, we understand the needs of you and your property or business and not only do we offer efficient and high quality floodlighting fixtures that deliver the same results and quality as the big name brands, but at half the price or more.

We have different specification certificates so that consumers can have better and more affordable choices.

For more information on LED luminaires please see our other articles.

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