T8 LED Emergancy lighting with battery pack fixture (Full brightness)

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2 Hours full brightness

Model                          W           Battery               LED tube lenght

MESE 1215-07-2H                7w       12v / 1.5Ah              0.6m/2ft

MESE 1235-16-2H               16w       12v / 3.2Ah              1.2m/4ft

MESE 1240-20-2H               20w       12v / 4.0Ah              1.5m/5ft

MESE 1250-25-2H               25w       12v / 5.0Ah

MESE 1260-30-2H               30w       12v / 6.0Ah

MESE 1280-40-2H               40w       12v / 8.0Ah

FBSE  6025-06-2H               6w       6.0v / 2.5Ah

FBSE  8430-10-2H              10w       8.4v / 3.0Ah

FBSE  8440-13-2H              13w       8.4v / 4.0Ah

FBSE  8450-16-2H              16w       8.4v / 5.0Ah


Test Report: Poly U (PPA104) (4th ver.)

Standards : BS EN 60598-2-22, BS EN 61347-2-7, BS 52661


* ME LITE LED Emergency battery fixture (Full brightness) suitable use on the most 220V LED light tube on the market.


Application : public area of building/passage….etc.