【T5 light tube vs T5 LED light tube 】in one article to understand the specification, brightness, electricity tariff difference

T5 Light Tube VS T5 LED Light Tube : Specification, Brightness, Electricity Competition|ME Lite

【T5 light tube vs T5 LED light tube 】in one article to understand the specification, brightness, electricity tariff difference

Although T5 LED fluorescent tubes are slightly more expensive than conventional T5 fluorescent tubes, they offer significant advantages in terms of energy efficiency, light comfort, safety and environmental protection. Switching to T5 LED fluorescent tubes is also very simple. The newly launched products are compatible with conventional electronic ballasts and can be used directly without any wiring changes or additional accessories. When it’s time to switch to a new light tube, users may want to consider T5 LED light tubes, which offer better performance in all aspects.

T5 refers to a 5cm diameter fluorescent lamp, which emits short-wave ultraviolet rays through electrically-excited mercury vapour and causes phosphors to emit light for illumination, while LED fluorescent tubes use light-emitting diodes (LEDs) as the light source, which offer better performance in terms of efficiency, lifetime and electricity consumption than traditional incandescent lamps and even fluorescent lamps. Considering the long-term benefits, more and more people are adopting compatible T5 LED light tubes to replace traditional T5 light tubes.

Save on lighting costs

T5 LED fluorescent tubes are indeed more expensive, but with a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours and a power saving of about 50% compared to traditional T5 fluorescent tubes, they can help users save a lot of money in the long run. During the lighting process, most of the electrical energy of conventional fluorescent tubes is converted into heat, resulting in energy loss. LED fluorescent tubes convert all electrical energy into light energy, which does not increase the air temperature in the room and reduces the burden on air-conditioning. In the long run, switching to LED fluorescent tubes will save money.

 Comparison of Lighting Range and Lighting Characteristics|ME Lite

T5 Light Tube VS T5 LED Light Tube: Comparison of Lighting Range and Lighting Characteristics|ME Lite

Traditional T5 light tubes are made of glass, which can emit light in all directions and over a wide range. T5 LED light tubes are made of aluminium, with a luminous angle of about 140 degrees. The light is more directional, so it is brighter than traditional light tubes in a concentrated area.

For office premises, the light from LED fluorescent tubes is more comfortable to the eyes and creates a more friendly working environment, helping staff to concentrate more on their work and improve work efficiency. In addition, traditional fluorescent tubes require high voltage, when the voltage is unstable, the light will cause flickering, and if you concentrate on your work for a long time in this situation, your eyes will feel tired; while LED fluorescent tubes have an eye protection effect, because it requires very low voltage and the light source is relatively stable, which is suitable for long-time work places, such as offices or study rooms.

Greener and safer|ME Lite

More environmentally friendly and safer

Although the luminous flux of T5 LED light tubes is slightly lower than conventional ones, they emit light more efficiently and are safer and more environmentally friendly than conventional T5 light tubes.

Old fluorescent tubes contain mercury, which is not only harmful to the human body, but also to the environment if disposed of improperly. It is not easy to recycle fluorescent lamps, and only very few countries are able to safely recycle and dispose of discarded fluorescent lamps.

On the contrary, LED light tubes are made of plutonium, which is not easy to break and does not contain mercury and other harmful heavy metals, so it is harmless to the human body and the environment. Users can rest assured that they are safe to use and reduce the burden on the environment.

T5 2′ light tubeT5 LED 2′ light tube
power (output)14W8W
Annual electricity consumption403 kW230 kW
Luminous Flux (Lm Lumens)1078 Lm960 Lm
Lumens/Power77 lm/W120 lm/W
Life cycle10,000 Hours50,000 Hours
Harmful substancesContained mercuryNone
Replace traditional T5 fluorescent tubes with T5 LED fluorescent tubes and save money|ME Lite

Due to environmental awareness and rising energy prices, more and more people are considering switching from conventional T5 fluorescent tubes to T5 LED fluorescent tubes in order to save on daily energy bills. In addition, compatible LED fluorescent tubes are now available in the market, so it is advisable to compare the two before considering the switch.

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