LED Display Wall: Redefining New Retail Store and Shopping Mall Development

LED Display Wall: Redefining New Retail Store and Shopping Centre Development|LED Display Wall|Melite

LED Display Wall: Redefining New Retail Store and Shopping Centre Development

LED displays sound familiar, but have you ever heard of a display wall made of LEDs? This is a great tool that can be integrated into the “New Retail” model. New retail refers to the use of technology to change the retail industry and enhance the shopping experience of customers. In the midst of the epidemic, the competition for new retail has become even more intense, with major brands looking to meet new consumer demands in this way. LED display walls are the most intuitive way to stimulate and attract customers’ attention, and can also be used to create an interactive experience that brings consumers and shops closer together. Here’s a step-by-step guide to how LED display walls can be integrated into new retail shops and malls to help you stand out from the crowd.

Before we look at how LED displays can be integrated into the new retail model, let’s briefly introduce LED displays and new retail.

LED Display What is it?

LED displays are a type of display that uses light emitting diodes (LEDs), which can be operated independently or as a large display screen with different LED panels. They are commonly used to deliver commercial advertisements or other information, such as billboards in shopping centres, traffic directions on highways, or even destination signs at airports.

The types of LED displays can be divided into various types according to different specifications and uses, and the following are the common types:

Common Types of LED Displays|LED Display Wall |Melite

What is New Retail?

What is New Retail|LED Display Wall |Melite

New retailing is a new concept that is relative to the traditional retailing model. In traditional retailing, customers’ shopping experience is created through beautiful decoration, quality products and friendly service. However, this kind of scene is no longer able to stimulate the consumer’s desire to spend money. On the contrary, the new experience brought by VR technology, big data, cloud technology and interactive technology is more popular among consumers, forming a trend of “new retail“.

LED Display in Shopping Centre|LED DISPLAY WALL|Melite

LED displays in shopping centres

To keep up with this trend, LED display manufacturers have added interactive, cloud-based and VR technologies to their LED displays. The following LED displays are commonly found in different shopping malls and belong to the common types of applications.

LED Outdoor Advertising TV Wall

LED outdoor advertising video walls (LED Display Wall) are usually placed at intersections with high traffic flow, attracting the attention of all passers-by. This kind of LED Display Wall has been applied in shopping malls, commercial streets, stations, and even outside government buildings, they are installed according to the wall, and can make perfect use of the space on the external wall. And low power consumption, but also to receive and disseminate a variety of information, audio and video synchronisation. In addition to conventional applications, some manufacturers will also add naked eye 3D technology to their TV walls to attract consumers to visit them and create a buzz.

This kind of display is just one of the common types of LED displays in shopping malls, so how can they be integrated in the development of new retail shops and what benefits do they bring to merchants?

How LED screens integrate with new retail shops and shopping malls|LED DISPLAY WALL|Melite

How can LED screens integrate with new retail shops and shopping malls?

1. To serve as a window for consumers to learn about the shopping centres

The new retail model of the future will focus on personalised interaction and customised services to surprise consumers and enhance their user experience. Under today’s fierce competition, any place that can reach consumers may become a source of traffic. If you use LED displays, with their visual appeal of video and sound, interactive technology or other cross-sectoral elements to further integrate with the theme or scene of the shopping centre, you will be able to bring a new image to the shopping centre. As the first line of contact with potential customers, LED displays will naturally become a window to communicate with consumers about the mall and its products.

2. Collect big data to optimise marketing strategies

The new generation of LED displays is becoming more and more user-friendly. In addition to adding interactive features and more sophisticated visual graphics, the most important thing is, of course, to pair them with data collection and analysis functions. By incorporating information collection and interactive devices, LED displays can collect information about the flow of people in the vicinity of the shopping mall, including how long consumers stand in front of the screen and how long they focus on the advertisements, etc. This provides a lot of specific data for the marketing strategies of the shopping malls, which can help them to create products or solutions more suitable for the consumers.

3. Building Bridges between Traders and Consumers

From the consumers’ standpoint, apart from enjoying the visual feast, they can also have a more personalised and unique consumer experience with a sense of design. For example, some merchants will combine LED displays with fitting mirrors so that customers can experience the fun of “dressing up as a doll”. Instead of queuing up to change, they can virtually see how the product will look on them. This experience not only enables customers to choose their favourite products more accurately and quickly, but also establishes a new kind of shopping fun, increases the goodwill towards the brand, and greatly closes the gap between merchants and customers.

On the whole, riding on the momentum of “new retail”, LED displays will surely become an important part of it. The MELITE team has all the technical advantages to create the perfect LED display for you. The uniformity of LED displays is essential for a realistic visual effect, and MELITE can calibrate the brightness and colour of your LED units before they leave the factory to ensure uniformity. In addition, MELITE can also increase the resolution of your LED display, using up to a 16-bit processor and advanced image processing technology, so that the LED screen is able to present a higher quality and more accurate image colour. With MELITE at your back, you’ll be able to focus on the retail application of LED displays, and ride the new retail wave ahead of your peers.


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