2022 Hotel Lighting System Engineering and Application

2022 Hotel Lighting System Engineering and Application|Hotel Lighting System |Melite

2022 Hotel Lighting System Engineering and Application

LED lights are renowned for their performance and energy efficiency, and with the government’s intention to promote their use by more businesses and organisations in recent years, LED lights have increased their market share, with the greatest potential being in the hotel industry. Lighting plays a pivotal role in a hotel, and a good hotel lighting system can create a luxurious, comfortable and welcoming atmosphere for guests. Therefore, LED lights are definitely the right choice in terms of cost-effectiveness, practicality and environmental protection.

Luminosity of Light|Hotel Lighting System |Melite

Luminosity of the light

Whether it is for entertainment or business activities, lighting has a direct impact on their view. Guests in the indoor environment, long-term in a dark environment, in addition to easy to make people sleepy, but also increase the burden on the eyes, damage to eyesight; on the contrary, the lighting is too bright, will produce excessive illumination, so that the eyes feel pain or discomfort, the same is not suitable for hotel hospitality guests.

The advantage of using LED lights is that it is flexible in application and can be used with different light levels and colours to achieve the balanced lighting effect desired by the customer. Moreover, LED lights are more uniform than traditional lamps, reducing the appearance of shadows and enabling the lights to highlight the design ideas, compartmentalising the area and enhancing the sense of space.

Comparison table between LED lamps and traditional lamps|Hotel Lighting System |Melite

Comparison table between LED lamps and traditional lamps

In terms of cost-effectiveness, LED lamps also have quite a remarkable performance. The average life of LED lamps is longer than that of conventional lamps, and the number of hours of use can be as long as 40,000 to 50,000 hours, which is equivalent to an average life of only 2,000 hours of conventional lamps 20 times.

LED lamps are more expensive than traditional lamps in terms of unit price, but it has a long service life and can save the cost and frequency of replacement, which is still more cost-effective than traditional lamps; not only that, LED lamps in terms of power loss is also less than traditional lamps, traditional 50W quartz halogen lamps have a charge of 50 fires, and the power load for one year of operation reaches 438,000 fires; while LED lamps have a charge of 6.5 fires, and the power load for one year of operation is 56,940 fires, the power loss of traditional quartz lamps is seven times more than that of LED lamps. The traditional 50W quartz halogen lamp has an electric charge of 50 kW, and the electric load for one year of operation is 438,000 kW; while the LED lamp has an electric charge of only 6.5 kW, and the electric load for the whole year of operation is 56,940 kW.

LED lamps outperform traditional quartz lamps in terms of both life and energy consumption. The material used to make the lamps dissipates heat easily, which extends their life, and the LED chip ensures that the light efficiency remains unchanged even after prolonged use.

Hotel lighting systems need to use lights in terms of quantity or hours of use, are more than other industries and long, in view of this, the use of lights that can maintain performance standards and cost savings will be very important, because of the mature development of LED lights in recent years, a lot of hotels have begun to change the lights action, will be inexpensive but not durable downlights, replaced with more options for luminance and energy-saving and energy-saving LED downlights, such as the Marriott Group, has been gradually switched to LED lamps, LED lamps can be seen to be an important part of the energy-saving.

Advantages of Green Lighting|Hotel Lighting System |Melite

Benefits of Green Lighting

Apart from the factors mentioned above, LED is also one of the green lighting that promotes sustainable development. For example, a hotel has not only saved nearly HK$880,000 in operating costs since replacing its conventional fluorescent tubes with LED induction fluorescent tubes, but has also reduced its carbon footprint due to lighting.

Environmental protection is a common topic around the world and in different industries. Replacing energy-consuming traditional lights with more environmentally friendly LED lights not only reduces the burden on the earth, but also helps to enhance the hotel’s brand image, which is definitely beneficial to promote sustainable development.

Energy Saving Equipment Upgrade Programme|Hotel Lighting System |Melite

In line with the Government’s promotion of LED lighting, CLP has launched the Energy Saving Equipment Upgrade Programme to subsidise C&I customers to replace or acquire more energy-efficient equipment, with a cap of HK$10,000 for non-residential customers (hotel lighting systems) and $150,000 for those who consume a lot of electricity.

Commercial and industrial customers within CLP’s supply area are eligible to participate in the programme. Non-residential customers can submit an application form after the installation of the equipment, while customers who consume a large amount of electricity can apply for CLP’s approval after a site inspection by CLP’s relevant staff prior to the installation, and the amount of subsidy can then be credited directly into the customer’s electricity account.

Customers who are interested in joining the CLP Programme may consider choosing products from Melite, which is committed to providing one-stop service to our customers. Customers who choose to use our company will be able to receive a rebate when they replace their LED lamps/downlights or LED tubes/strips or discs, regardless of wattage.

Apart from LED lights, customers can also choose to install solar energy system or replace air-conditioners with Grade 1 energy labels, all of which can effectively save operating costs and achieve energy saving. If you would like to know more about the above projects, please contact us.

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