School Lighting System Requirements

School Lighting System Requirements|School Lighting System|Melite

School Lighting System Requirements

In recent years, we often emphasise the need to provide a good learning environment for students, but apart from the best computers, teaching aids and teaching materials, there is one aspect of a good environment that is closely related to the daily lives of students, which is often overlooked in the provision of school lighting LED lamps.

Students in the classroom at least 7-8 hours a day, their head lighting directly affects their eye fatigue, but also indirectly affect their performance in the classroom, if you feel that students are always lethargic, or not they are too lazy, but the classroom lighting is not suitable for them! There is a lot to be said for school lighting, whether it be in terms of luminosity, orientation or even colour:

  • Brightness
Classroom Lighting Brightness|School Lighting|Melite

For daytime schools, when there is sunlight, the school lighting should be based on natural light as far as possible, and the lighting in the classrooms should only be used to make up for the insufficiency of natural light, so as to achieve an even and balanced light level in the whole classroom, and daylight lamps with a range of 4000k-6500k are more suitable.

  • Position
|Lamp Direction Blackboard Direction|School Lighting|Melite

It should not be placed horizontally in relation to the direction of the blackboard, as this will cause light to shine directly into the eyes. When the blackboard reflects glare or when there are other greater contrasts in brightness, students will easily feel glare or eye fatigue, thus affecting their ability to concentrate.

In the school corridor location, need to install ordinary LED lights and LED emergency lighting, using proportional row method of installation, common use of one to one row method, one ordinary LED lights and one LED emergency lighting; sometimes will use five to one row method, five ordinary LED lights and one LED emergency lighting.

  • reduce costs
|Melite LED Light General Butterfly Tube|School Lighting|Melite

Why do we need to promote the use of LED lights in school lighting? Because LED lights have amazing benefits in terms of energy saving, cost-effectiveness and practicality.

Waterproof LED Square Ceiling Light More cost-effective, safer and more energy-saving than traditional butterfly tube. With the development of LED lights, fewer and fewer factories make butterfly tubes, housings and accessories, the quality is getting worse and worse, when the butterfly tube is old or broken, the maintenance cost is not only high, but also may not be able to buy the housings and accessories to repair, Melite LED lights not only have a long lifespan and low energy consumption, but also very easy to repair the LED lights, all the housings and accessories can be purchased online, but of course, the LED light is best to be checked and repaired by a professional. All housings and accessories are available online, but of course, LED lights are best inspected and repaired by professionals.

  • Improved safety
Improved Safety|School Lighting|Melite

LED lights can be adjusted according to the brightness of different locations in the school campus, the application is flexible, can also achieve very good uniformity, reduce the glare and shadows generated by the direct light on the blackboard, so that the field of vision is clearer. Moreover, LED lights can be equipped with built-in sensors and remote management (which is difficult to do with traditional lights), so in case maintenance is required, it can be done quickly to reduce the time of operation interruption.

According to the Fire Services Ordinance, Hong Kong buildings are required to maintain power for two hours in the event of a power failure, while schools, hospitals, hotels and cinemas generally require three hours of power. melite’s emergency lights, which have been certified by The Hong Kong Polytechnic University as fire safety products, are equipped with a battery back-up to activate the LEDs to maintain power for three hours in the event of a power failure.

  • Sustainable Development
Sustainable Development|School Lighting|Melite

LED lights are green and environmentally friendly lighting. In addition to the low energy consumption mentioned previously, which can effectively reduce carbon emissions and minimise carbon footprint, they can also be recycled, reducing the pollution caused by disposal.

Energy Saving Equipment Upgrade Programme|School Lighting|Melite

CLP Power Hong Kong Limited (CLP) has launched the Energy Conservation Equipment Upgrade Programme (EEUP) to provide financial assistance to industrial and commercial customers to replace or acquire more energy-efficient equipment, with the amount of subsidy ranging from $10,000 to $150,000 for eligible customers.

Applications|School Lighting|Melite

Melite is a professional team providing one-stop service for school lighting system solutions. After understanding the different needs of each school, a registered engineer will visit the school to investigate the site before designing a tailor-made system and structure that suits the school’s needs, with a view to providing the school with a maximum efficiency system under the premise of safety, energy-saving and high efficiency.

The Melite team is professional and careful, and will not hesitate to do their part for you and the planet. If you are interested in replacing or purchasing LED lights, please feel free to contact us through the following methods:

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