[Bread Cabinet LED Lights] What is the secret of the attractive appearance of baked bread?

【 Bread Cupboard LED Lights 】 The secret of attractive appearance of baked bread? |Bread Cupboard LED Light|Melite

[Bread Cabinet LED Lights] What is the secret of the attractive appearance of baked bread?

When it comes to Hong Kong people’s breakfast choice, apart from Breakfast A and Breakfast B in Hong Kong style cafes, I believe many of us would think of bread. As a place where East meets West, Hong Kong has a wide variety of bakeries, some of which are traditional and some of which are European and American, but no matter what style they are, have you ever noticed that the bread in the bakeries always looks very attractive?

Have you discovered the secret of the LED lights inside the bread cupboard?

In addition to the smell and taste of the master’s craftsmanship, the appearance of the bread is also a very important part of the deliciousness of the bread, a bread with an attractive appearance, naturally, can make customers stop, and even buy, which also explains why some bakeries have a long queue, buy a bread need to queue up for half an hour or even a few hours, while some bakeries can be seen at the door. So, apart from the master’s own skills in making bread, it is surprising that the LED lights / LED strips inside the bakery cabinet can greatly affect the attractiveness of the bread!

Warm Colours Cold Colours|Bread Cupboard LED Lights|Melite

Just like a star’s performance stage needs to be illuminated, bakery bread, even if it smells good, also needs good lighting to bring out the best viewing effect. Lighting can be broadly divided into warm and cool colours, and different colours of lighting can bring different feelings to people. Generally speaking, bakeries tend to use soft and warm coloured lighting to make people feel warm and relaxed, with the aim of attracting customers to come in and buy: after a busy day’s hard work, a bakery lit up with orange lights on the dark street brings people a kind of welcome home feeling of warmth and warmth. It also reminds you that it’s time to plan for tomorrow’s breakfast.

Therefore, the main colours and lighting of the shop are very important in creating the ambience of the shop. A bakery can be divided into several parts: the bread display area, the freezer and the bread cabinet.

Bread cupboard yellow light vs waterproof fixture with white light in freezer

Bread cupboard yellow light vs. freezer white light waterproof fixture|Bread cupboard LED light|Melite

Bread display area is usually placed in the centre of the shop, mostly in larger shops or bakery chains. Bread display area is used to display some popular products or newly introduced products of the shop to attract customers’ attention, so it is more suitable to use concentrated beams of light or lamps, which can make the bread look more glossy and attractive. Freezers are usually used for cakes, egg rolls, puffs and other foods with a shorter shelf life. It is more suitable to use waterproof lamps with positive white light to make the cream of the cake look free of impurities and brighter, which will enhance the customers’ appetite and desire to buy. As for bakery cabinets, they tend to use yellowish light because the soft light will make the baked bread look more glossy, and most bakeries choose to use LED lights or LED light strips.

Installation of LED Lights / Benefits of LED Lights|Bread Cupboard LED Lights|Melite

Benefits of Installing LED Lights/LED Lights

You may ask, what are the benefits of LED lights / LED strip lights compared to traditional light bulbs? It is well known that LED lights are more energy efficient and environmentally friendly, but did you know that they also emit less heat than traditional light bulbs? It is precisely because of this characteristic that LED lights are very suitable for use in bakery cabinets. Since the light in the bread cupboard needs to be kept on for a long time and the distance between the light and the bread is not far, if it emits a lot of heat, the water in the bread will easily evaporate due to the high temperature, and the bread will become dry, which will not only affect the appearance of the bread, but also reduce the taste and texture of the bread. Therefore, when choosing the light source for a bakery cabinet, apart from the important factor of colour, heat dissipation and heat itself are also essential factors to consider. As for the white waterproof lighting installed in the freezers mentioned just now, LED lights can also be used because they have the advantages of high brightness, low power consumption and low heat, which can satisfy the needs of bakeries that need to use them for a long period of time. Besides, the flexibility of LED lights is also higher than that of traditional ones, which can be adjusted according to the location of the cakes to achieve the best display effect.

How to install LED strip light|Bread cupboard LED light|Melite

If you want to choose the LED strip and want to install it by yourself, in fact, you can buy the LED strip in the market is quite convenient, just tear off the back of the 3M double-sided adhesive stickers, fix the strip in the place you want to install it, and then install it flat can be. Then, what should be done if there are corners in the place where you want to stick or install the strip, or if the strip is not too long? In fact, it is also very simple, because most of the LED light strip is a unit of 3 LEDs, as long as the unit of 3 LEDs to trim the excess part, can be used normally.

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