【Intelligent LED Lights are more than just lighting 】 The secrets of the lighting system for ballparks are disclosed

Intelligent LED Lights are more than just lighting 】 Lighting system for ballparks Functional secrets are revealed|Intelligent LED Lights|Melite

【Intelligent LED Lights are more than just lighting 】 The secrets of the lighting system for ballparks are disclosed

A good venue lighting system is very important for organising sports events. Smart LED lights, which are more durable, environmentally friendly and highly efficient than traditional halogen bulbs (or quartz bulbs), have naturally become the mainstream of venue lighting systems. Whether indoor or outdoor, sports venues need to be well lit in order to provide athletes with a clear, comfortable and safe environment to help them achieve good results, as well as to provide a brighter and more realistic visual effect for spectators, TV and online viewers. Different sports venues have different requirements for their lighting systems, but the general requirement is to provide sufficient, consistent and even light, and to minimise glare and light pollution. Let’s take a football match as an example to understand the requirements of the lighting system for a venue.

Lighting Requirements for Football Stadiums for International Matches| Smart LED Lights |Melite

Lighting requirements for football pitches

Depending on the function of the football pitch, the standard of the lighting system is divided into different levels to provide different illumination levels in lux lx. Taking a standard football pitch of 100 to 110 metres in length and 64 to 75 metres in width as an example, a lighting level of 200 lx for normal football training and recreational activities, 500 lx for amateur matches and 750 lx for professional matches is sufficient to provide a clear and comfortable view for the players and the spectators on the pitch. However, if the match is to be broadcasted on TV, the lighting system will provide 1000lx illumination, while HDTV broadcasting will require up to 1400lx to provide more realistic visual enjoyment for TV and online viewers.

Football Pitch FunctionsLux(lx)
Training and recreational activities200xl
Amateur competitions500xl
Professional Competitions750xl
Televised football matches1000xl
HDTV Broadcast of Major International Events1400xl

The lighting system of a standard football pitch generally adopts halogen lamps of 1000W to 2000W, which can be installed at the edge of the stands or on lamp posts around the pitch, and the number and power of spotlights can be determined according to the lighting requirements of different pitches. Common spotlight layouts are: four groups of lights at the corners of the stadium, four groups of lights on both sides of the stadium, each group of lights is five halogen spotlights; six or eight groups of lights can also be installed on both sides of the stadium, with each group of lights being two spotlights. The height of the lamp posts is 20 metres (for lamp posts installed on both sides of the pitch) or 25 metres (for lamp posts installed at the corners of the pitch).

5 Advantages of Smart LED Lighting| Smart LED Lighting |Melite

Intelligent LED Lighting 5 Advantages

With the development of technology, smart LED lights have gradually replaced traditional halogen bulbs for the following reasons:

  1. More energy-saving LED lights are about 50% more energy-saving than traditional halogen bulbs, which greatly reduces electricity consumption and meets the requirements of environmental protection and carbon reduction. If a typical football stadium installs about 20 halogen spotlights, switching to LED lights has saved the stadium about HK$50,000 in electricity costs per year.
  2. More Durable Conventional halogen bulbs have a lifespan of about 10,000 hours, while LED lamps have an average lifespan of more than 30,000 hours, which reduces the time and cost required for bulb replacement.
  3. Better for the Environment The materials used in the production of LED lamps are non-toxic and easy to recycle, and their long lifespan helps to reduce the burden on the environment.
  4. No Standby Time Conventional halogen bulbs require about 10 minutes of standby time to reach the specified brightness, while LED lights can be switched on and off at any time for greater flexibility.
  5. Easy to create different lighting effects Organisers of large-scale competitions and events often go to great lengths to create the right atmosphere to keep athletes and spectators engaged in the event. LED lights can be easily adjusted in terms of colour temperature and brightness to create different atmospheres, whereas conventional halogen bulbs can only emit light of a specific colour temperature and brightness.

Intelligent LED lighting has been gradually applied in various lighting systems and is commonly seen in many international events, and its safety, stability and excellent performance have been recognised by major event organisers and venues. Venues with the latest professional LED lighting systems often attract large-scale events, famous athletes and teams to use the venues for competitions.

MELITE|Smart LED Light|Melite

The maturing of LED technology has led to more choices of lighting products, and MELITE has established its own factory to develop and produce more than 300 high-quality LED lighting fixtures and products, offering a wide range of energy-efficient, durable and cost-effective LED lighting products. MELITE also undertakes lighting system projects, providing intelligent LED lighting system solutions, installation and maintenance services for schools, hotels, stadiums and public and private organisations.

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